About the Program

Today, perhaps more than ever, institutions of higher education are responsible for both driving the engines of a knowledge-based economy and determining the character of a culture steeped in instant, global communication.

From innovations in design and thought generated in labs and colloquia to in-class preparation for America’s next generation of standard bearers, our approach to learning at its highest levels profoundly impacts the lives of every citizen.

More money is spent on education than almost any other single activity in the United States. Rising tuition costs pinch more each year from family savings and the public coffers. College students and their families incur increasingly heavier debt loads in pursuit of undergraduate education, all with only the vaguest sense that increasing enrollment, falling standards, and changing priorities at many institutions may be rendering their investments less and less worthwhile.

All of this suggests that there should be a vibrant and diverse national dialog about the many complex issues facing American higher ed in the 21st century.  On the contrary, from the Opinion pages of national newspapers to college campuses themselves, there exists a vacuum of discussion on these topics, with virtually no discourse aimed at engaging the uninitiated.

Inside Academia with Andy Nash aims to challenge this sorry state of affairs and spark the sort of thoughtful conversations that will be critical to examination and reform of higher education. Each episode offers thought-provoking insight from key opinion leaders who are bucking the status quo and shaping the national discussion of the modern academy.

From the politics of controversial curricula and campus speech codes to the economics of rising tuition and budgetary waste, each edition of Inside Academia with Andy Nash fearlessly offers a revealing peek behind the Ivory Curtain.