About Andy Nash

Andy Nash arrived on the college campus in search of knowledge, and like so many others before and since, remained there well beyond the end of his academic career. He found in the course of higher learning far too many questions in need of serious answers.

Andy was raised in Philadelphia and came to State College, Pennsylvania to study history and political science at Penn State. While in school, he parlayed a natural talent for communication into a gig with the campus radio station, and in the process honed an acute intellectual curiosity and passion for provocative discourse. On the airwaves, he would discover his ideal outlet for expressing opinion and stimulating discussion.

In the autumn of 1999, Andy founded his long-running, cult-favorite daily public affairs talk show, “Radio Free Penn State.” An independent-minded conservative libertarian, his frank, town hall-style forum brought a sorely needed outside voice to the academic echo chamber.

After more than ten years on the air in Central Pennsylvania, Andy has interviewed thousands of guests, from national figures like Sen. Pat Toomey to intellectuals like Dr. Alan Kors and Dr. Thomas Woods, authors including Dinesh D’Souza, policy scholars like Dr. James Carafano, and firebrands like Ann Coulter and Tammy Bruce.

Today, Andy continues to cover important stories in ways that no one else can or will. With keen insight and unswerving honesty, he tackles the issues with a fresh perspective and distinctive style, leading “the conversations you can’t ignore,” continuing to host his daily radio show, as well as hosting the weekly web video program “Inside Academia.”

Andy has written for The Daily Caller, serves on the board of directors for the Penn State Student Radio Alumni Interest Group, and can be reached by e-mail at “andy@reneweducation.com“.